Women’s Dirty Sexual Fantasies and Erotic Adventures

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This is your sexy hub for all your erotic fantasies, sexual adventures, and dirty little secrets.

The main objective of this site is to explore places and scenarios that usually trigger lust and sexual desire – matters you usually don’t discuss openly.

So if you’re ready to find out what women’s titillating dreams are made of, brace yourself for a wicked revelation.

What Women’s Fantasies Are Made Of

Most women cringe over the idea of disclosing their sexual fantasies. You would hardly find a woman who’s comfortable enough to voice out what satisfies her in bed and what she prefers when it comes to lovemaking.

Women dirties desires.
Women naughty desires.

Sex is usually taboo or a forbidden topic unless you’re talking to someone who’s bold and fierce enough to say the dirty words associated with the subject.

Still, regardless of how coy or innocent a woman may seem on the outside, deep inside is a sexy beast that’s waiting to be unleashed.

What Are Women’s Fantasies?

If you’ve watched porn videos before, you might have seen all the banging and screaming demonstrated by the lead casts. While a lot of men and women may find these videos a major turn-on, it’s not the entirety of sex.

women common fantasies
Women’s most common fantasies!

What you’ll see on most porn videos doesn’t even come close to the real thing. Women’s fantasies do not always reflect what satisfies them in real life.

For instance, some women who fantasize about being dominated by their partner in bed do not necessarily want to spend their life in complete sexual submission.

Based on a recently published study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, sex in “unusual” or “romantic” places was the most common fantasy. Moreover, most women fantasize about sexually submitting themselves to their partners.

What makes these findings even more interesting is the revelation that women who have sexual fantasies involving submission were more sexually satisfied compared to women who don’t share the same fantasies.

The study also reveals that aside from having sex in “unusual” or “romantic” places, women also fantasize about performing oral sex to a male partner, having sex with a non-spouse acquaintance, and making out secretly in public places.

Sexual Adventures

When it comes to erotic fantasies, our imagination can drift to creative and odd places. Since most people have fantasies which they would never dare to tell their spouse or partner – and may not even want to carry out in real life, their fantasies remain as just “part of their imagination” or like a mystery that remains untold.

Women sexual adventures and dreams.
Women’s sexual adventures and dreams.

Given this truth, you might feel like you are the only person in this world who fantasizes and dreams about that certain thing.

Let’s try to dig into some of these sexual mysteries.

Office Romance

Office romance is quite common. You might actually know somebody who met his/her spouse in an office set-up. That’s fairly predictable given the fact that a lot of attractive men and women spend a lot of time in the office in sleek corporate suits.

Women naughty desire: Office Fantasy
Women naughty desire: Office Fantasy

What most people won’t dare to discuss are fantasies involving office sex. Sure there are sexy men in the office that look absolutely too hot to handle. And, one of them could be your eye candy.

The least you could do is fantasize about making out with this hunky guy in the conference room. How would you like to explore that idea even more?

Gym Romance

Physical attraction over that hot and muscular guy doing the bench press can get out of hand at the gym. You might just find yourself lusting over him as you allow your imagination to explore in places where it shouldn’t be – like the shower room, perhaps?

Women naughty desire: Gym Fantasy
Women naughty desire: Gym Fantasy

You may look innocent and clueless on the outside as you’re doing your 10th round of squats; but in your mind, you’re fantasizing about a round of gym sex with this hot guy while your hands are exploring his sexy abs.

In-Flight Romance

Long flights are a total bore especially if you’re on your own. Unless you’re flying on business or first class, you will find yourself suffering from bouts of lower back and butt pain over the course of the flight.

Women naughty desire: Flight Fantasy
Women naughty desire: Flight Fantasy

Things might be more interesting if you’re actually seated beside a good-looking passenger who’s giving you the side-glance. Wouldn’t it be nice and cozy to kill boredom together and turn the discomfort into pleasure while in flight? Airplane romance may be unlikely, but it sure makes up a wild sexual fantasy.

Phone Sex

Phone sex, or the “holy grail” of all sexual fantasies as I call it, remains to be one of the hottest and wildest “fixes” to relieve sexual tension. It offers the easiest route to satisfaction.

Women naughty desire: Phone Sex
Women naughty desire: Phone Sex

All you will ever need is a phone, find some good chatline numbers, and a private place where you can unleash your sexy side. With a good phone sex partner who’s a master with dirty talk and has the capacity to turn the heat up, you can actually have an explosive orgasm.

Just imagine all the things you can do with your hands and imagination. And oh, some sex toys might level things up.

Sex on the Beach 

There’s another meaning to Sex on the Beach besides a cocktail mixture of vodka and peach schnapps. Sex on the beach can actually refer to the real thing – like having sex right on the beach – with the beach waves and sand and the moonlit sky right above you.

Women naughty desire: Sex on the beach
Women naughty desire: Sex on the beach

It may sound like a dream but the thought of it is an actual turn-on for lovers. It’s not just romantic, it’s also as good as it gets.

Car Quickie

Regardless of time and circumstance, women have the tendency to crave sex in the most unlikely places and situations. Blame it on the hormones! At a party, a woman might just find herself getting turned on seeing her partner in a smooth suit walking so gallantly like a knight in shining armor.

Women naughty desire: Car Quickie
Women naughty desire: Car Quickie

Or, how about imagining your partner taking you to a romantic lookout point just to enjoy the view and cool breeze?

Let’s take this further along with you and your boyfriend seeing each other for the first time in months. Wouldn’t a car quickie serve as a quick fix?

Woman’s Sexy Revelation: It’s All in the Details

Your sexual fantasies as a woman can be more than these; because in order for sex to become highly fulfilling for you, it all boils down to the tiniest detail. And whether we admit it or not, it’s not just the penetration that matters but the elements that led us there.

In our fantasies, things are more elaborate down to the naughtiest and dirtiest details like sensual oral sex, kissing, vaginal stroking and edging, orgasm denial, and intense boob action among many other forms of romancing.

Whatever your fantasies are made of, chances are that you feel extremely uncomfortable discussing them with anyone – no matter how much you want them. But right here and right now, we’re revealing every woman’s deepest and most intense sexual desires.