Sex on the Beach: What Every Woman’s Fantasy is Made Of

Having sex on the beach is not legal everywhere. Still, there’s no doubt that it’s a good thing to fantasize about when it comes to sex.

The sound of the waves crashing against the shore with the moonlit sky while you and your boyfriend are having your way is enough to keep your heart racing. It may not be for everyone but it sure makes it to my list of erotic dreams.

What My Sexy Beach Dreams Are Made Of

Since I’m a considerate person, I’m fantasizing about having sex on the beach after dark when we’re less visible and the beach is less populated. I would rather do it in a discreet area, perhaps behind a rock or inside a beach tent to make it less obscene.

The last thing I would want to happen is to trip over another couple while searching for a spot.

In any case that there’s a chance to do it right on the sand, I imagine myself wearing a flowing sundress or a sarong that can serve as a cover up.

For my man, board shorts would do – whatever he can get himself in and out of in a flash. The point is to wear something that we can get around with to do the act and then get back into quickly after it’s done.

You see; as much as I want to have sex on the beach, I would hate to be caught by prying eyes or worse, get viral online. As an alternative, i just imagine myself doing it as I rely on phone sex services where I am free to explore and play with my fantasies.

How to Get More Creative

Having sex on the beach is not quite the same as doing it in a private room where you can scream, moan, gasp and curse all you want as it gets more intense.

With sex on the beach, you have to do it fast but you also have to make it count to make the risk worthwhile. As I imagine it, time is of the essence for me and my partner to get through this dirty act with our dignity still intact.

Therefore, we have to do the foreplay in advance to reach a level of arousal that’s suitable enough for a pleasurable beach quickie. 

Since I’m a sucker for extensive foreplays and a lot of teasing and touching, sex on the beach might just be a sexual adventure for me. I take my time with pleasure and I don’t see any satisfaction in banging your way through just to get it over with.

For sex on the beach to be a truly satisfying form of lovemaking for me, I would prefer the privacy of our own tent with the sound of the waves and sea breeze on the background while we’re at it. After all, it’s not everyday that we can get busy with each other while on the beach.