Sexual Fantasies While on a Plane

Long flights are a complete pain in the ass – literally and figuratively. Since I’m suffering from constant bouts of low back pain and butt pain, I constantly shift from one side to another in an attempt to find a comfortable position.

Flying on my own had always been my worst enemy. I have a constant need to chat with someone to feel secure while on-flight and to beat my fear from the constant turbulence.

This makes me wonder if I can find a person to sit beside me on the plane to keep me company. Anyone will do but it doesn’t hurt to wish for a cute guy instead, right?

Fantasizing Over an Airplane Co-Passenger

Women are fond of bucket lists. Sure enough, I do have my own list. Making it on my list is to actually make out with a complete stranger.

Of course, he has to be clean, good-looking, straight and really sensual – someone who’s willing to do it casually. If you’re wishing on something, you might as well go all the way with the details to make the fantasy worth it.

Soon enough, I found myself on a long flight seated right next to a really handsome stranger who smells good, too. I could smell his masculine perfume from where I’m seated.

In a brave attempt to make the flight quite interesting and entertaining on my end, I tested the waters. I pretended to fall asleep and allowed my head to fall gently on his shoulders.

Yes, I went that far and I gave it my all with the acting. He obliged and didn’t make any move to discourage my act. He just sat still and allowed my head to rest comfortably against his shoulder. Such a gentleman, I thought!

Dirty Fantasies with a Stranger

And so I started fantasizing. I thought about requesting for an airplane blanket that’s enough to cover me. I would allow this stranger seated right next to me to touch me privately underneath it.

No one would know what’s actually happening under the blanket once the lights had been dimmed. He’d be free to touch and hold me any way he wants and even give me some pleasure down there.

What a great flight it’s bound to be! I would even be happy to return to him the favor. And then I started to wonder how he’d respond to my touch. Naughty me!

The sudden turbulence was enough to break me free from my fantasy. So, I seated up straight to let go of Mr. Handsome, apologized to him and started to behave like the good girl that I’ve always been. Airplane romances could only happen in my dirty dreams.