Office Sex: Dirty Sexual Fantasies About Office Romance

The office might actually be more than just a place for business and corporate meetings. It could also be the perfect site where you can work and play at the same time.

As naughty as it gets, you can actually build your most intimate sexual fantasies in an office setting. Since office employees spend a reasonable amount of time in the office, a little flirting and playing with an officemate can spice things up a bit.

Office flirting and subtle teasing can break the monotony of the daily grind and can make every corner of the building a subject of your imagination. 

Fantasizing Over an Office Colleague

I work with this tall and dark guy at the office whom I find attractive. His stares are enough to ignite that longing within me. We constantly work together and I could sense some chemistry between us.

Women common sexual desire: Office Sex
Women common sexual desire: Office Sex

His uncertain moves, goofy smiles and nervous laugh while we’re standing a little too close in my cubicle make my heart skip a beat. I could sense that the feeling is mutual and I’ve fantasized about the idea of us making out late at night in the office after everyone has already left.

I always imagined what it’s like to be kissed and held by this man. I’ve imagined how his body looked like underneath his suit.

I tried to keep my distance to avoid being distracted from work. However, his presence is enough to derail me. His voice was a complete turn on.

Even though I make it a point to talk to him only about work and projects, in my mind he was undressing me and pressing me against his office desk. I can’t even look at him in the eye but he sure fits my office fantasy.

Sometimes, I feel the urge to give him the hint and seduce him but I guess I was just too shy and too conservative to make the first move.

Dirty Thoughts

Regardless of how I feel, I can’t help but ask myself if what I was feeling was a harmless crush, physical attraction or just plain lust. If it’s just lust, a one-night-stand would be enough to fix me but that would mean changing everything between us.

And I couldn’t stand the thought of me wanting him even more after I’ve tasted him. That could affect our professional relationship and it would make me look so pathetic.

Nevertheless, I continued playing with the idea as I fantasize about him in every corner of the office. Sometimes, when my mind drifts off, I also imagine me and him at the beach and it adds color to an otherwise dull day at work. I’m just worried that continuously lusting over this guy would make me fall emotionally for him.