Sexual Fantasies & Dirty Thoughts at the Gym

The gym is the center for sweaty bodies, hard muscles and hourglass figures that are just to die for. Well, that’s beside the fact that the more revealing work-out clothes you wear, the better your chances are of attracting envious glances and lustful stares as you flex those arms, work on those gluteus muscles and build-up your abs.

And as long as you’re staring at pretty looks and nice forms, a day at the gym can be more than just confinement to a torture chamber. It can actually trigger sexual fantasies that can go beyond what you’re willing to try.

Fantasizing Over a Gym Stranger

It was just another day at the gym. I was running on the treadmill as I glanced across the room to see a hunky and sweaty guy on the weight floor looking my way.

women sexual gym desire
Women fantasize over a gym stranger

Our eyes met and I instantly felt a rush of heat rising all over me. I suddenly felt weak from his stare and I couldn’t focus on anything else except on how good-looking he was.

On a whim, I stopped and hopped off the treadmill and headed straight to his direction. But, of course, I walked past him straight to the locker room. 

I’m not that aggressive to just approach him and offer some hints about getting dirty together. So, I headed straight to my locker pretending to check something in my bag.

I figured that if he’s bold enough to make the move and pursue me, he’d follow me there. We’ll talk in private and perhaps one thing would lead to another.

My mind was racing, the female shower room was completely empty and it has double locks. Warm water and a hunky guy to make out with were enough to give my boring day a nice kick. 

Fantasizing a Gym Quickie

I was never bold or suggestive my whole life. Still, what may seem like a good girl on the outside is an erotic siren on the inside. But that day at the gym unleashed my naughtiest side.

I felt extraordinarily hungry for sex. Just imagine the joy I felt when he finally followed me to the locker room and his well-muscled arms reached out for me from behind my waist. There were sparks and then there were fireworks as my eyes met his drilling stare.

For a brief second, I wanted to grab him and head straight to the female shower room where I can finally submit myself to him. If there’s a term hornier than horny, that had to be me at that moment.

An Absolute Fall from Grace

And then he uttered his introductory words; “aren’t you Edwin’s little sister? I think I saw you at his party last month.” His tone said it all and spilled all the beans up to the last piece.

Edwin is my brother. He’s gay and he just sponsored a gay pride tribute party last month. I was one of the party organizers. I heard all traces of hope falling from the 35th floor all the way down to the ground level. In a flash, I realized that such intense story can only unfold in a phone chat experience with a stranger.

Suddenly, I was back into reality and the place was just (once again) a gross and smelly sweat-filled gym full of strangers. And, my private romantic rendezvous would never happen in that place