Explore Ways to Enjoy a Quickie Inside the Car

While you may think that car sex is a silly and childish thing to do, it can actually be exciting and thrilling. I’ve fantasized over the idea of having sex on the backseat and even on the driver’s side of the car – anywhere that’s cramped. Sometimes, i also dreamed about having plane sex but that’s an entirely different story. For now, it’s all about fantasizing about car sex!

It can be a hot and fun adventure as an adult! Imagine pulling over somewhere just to have sex with your partner – right there and then. But of course, we can’t deny the fact that a car quickie has several risks and there are quite a handful of challenges that go with it.

How to Get Creative with Car Quickie

I’ve imagined myself sitting on top of my partner on the driver’s side of the car with my back against the steering wheel. It may seem crowded but we’re in a perfect position to satisfy ourselves.

My partner has easy access to every part of my body with my chest practically close to his own. Need I say more what follows?

Be Resourceful

Cars are equipped with all kinds of things that can be used as sexy accessories for an intimate lovemaking session. Say hello to the seatbelts which can serve as your ultimate BDSM accessory.

And how about setting the mood with some music from your car stereo? When I fantasize about having a car quickie, it’s always the thought of the steering while rubbing behind my bare back that turns me on. 

Manage Your Position

For women, if you can reach orgasm fairly easily with you on top of your partner, then that’s your winning ticket in car sex. Lucky for you, that position is also the easiest and fastest to facilitate in the car and it can be done whether you do it on the front seat or back seat. 

Do it Quick!

Car sex is not all about long and slow lovemaking. Aside from being cramped and hot, the longer you are there, the more likely that you are bound to get caught in action.

Car sex is just a sexual adventure you might want to fantasize about. Or, you can actually try to do it with your partner if you’re not too worried about staining the seat covers.

Besides, being a little naughty can do wonders to your sex life. However, don’t get the impression that car sex can be sensual because by virtue, it’s just a creative way to score some quickie